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spring cleaning tips: cheap ways to freshen up

Most people want their living spaces to smell clean and fresh. However, pets, aromas from the kitchen, cigarette smoke, and other things can make a home smell bad. Here are inexpensive ways to remedy all that.
• Find the source of the bad smell and eliminate it. This could be a garbage pail sitting in the sun or sink disposal that's filled with food debris.
• Use a chunk of cedar or sandalwood in drawers and closets for a fresh woodsy smell.
• Simmer some cinnamon sticks and water in a pot on the stove.
• Dab a favorite essential oil onto a piece of fabric and stash it wherever you want a pleasant smell – even in the car.
• Toss a used dryer sheet in the linen closet to keep sheets and towels smelling freshly washed.
• Grow herbs in a window box. When the breeze blows, the fresh smell of basil or rosemary will come into the home.
• Keep fresh flowers or plants inside the home. They'll filter the air and provide a pleasant aroma.
• Use lemons to clean the sink and kitchen surfaces for a fresh, citrus smell.
• Bake some cookies or another dessert for a wonderful aroma.
• Place a tray of fallen pine needles on a cookie sheet sprayed with a little water into a warm oven. The pine scent will fill the house.
• Push cloves into an orange. Hang the clove-studded orange on a string and place in a corner. The orange clove scent will slowly fill the room.
• Open up the windows and let fresh air in.
• Soak cotton balls in vanilla and stash around the house.
• Bathe and groom pets frequently.
• Use a favorite-scented reed diffuser, which will lightly scent the house for weeks.
• Keep a pot of water with potpourri on a wood-burning stove or radiator for a wonderful scent.

— Metro Creative

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