Grow local this season

Spring weather and spending more time at home may have you thinking about gardening. Whether it’s a small container garden on your condo balcony, a produce aisle of your very own in your backyard or a tropical paradise around the pool, there is truly a garden for everyone.

But this year, Canadian grower Arnold Devrij wants you to think local when planting your plot. Along with his brother Pete, Arnold is a third-generation grower who operates more than 50 acres of greenhouses for the family business, DeVry Greenhouses in Chilliwack, BC.

Local doesn’t just mean Canadian though. Regionality is also very important to a plant’s performance.

“Plants perform best when they are grown in a particular climate,” explains Devrij. “For example, a plant lover in Calgary will want to look for sun-loving varieties, whereas a Vancouver gardener will want to look for varieties that do better in the shade.”

Regardless of whether you’re looking to grow your own food or create a tropical oasis in your backyard without having to travel to a warm destination, don’t be afraid to try something new and let your garden grow.

You can find locally grown hanging baskets and planters, as well as a great selection of annuals, herbs and vegetables grown by small producers at your local Independent Grocer’s garden centre.