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how to survive moving with pets

moving with pets: dogs

By Chuck Resnick

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in life, so why should that be any different for your dog?

Here are 10 tips on how to prepare your dog:

10. never place them in moving trucks
Under no circumstances should you place your dog in the back of a moving truck. Even safely tucked in a well-ventilated pet travel carrier, the truck is almost always hot (even in winter) and of course, the doors are closed.

9. make a doggy date
Your dog will most likely want to play with the movers and probably everyone else, so take him or her to a kennel, dog spa or have a friend or relative dog sit at their home, before the movers arrive. Those will be the best places for your furry friend; then you can devote your total attention to your moving activities.

8. give them space
If your dog must be with you during your move, keep your loved one outside or out of the movers’ way. Dogs crave the attention of strangers and can create obstacles which will impede the move.

7. pack lots of treats
Have dog treats on hand for move day to keep him or her quiet. It’s also good way to get your dog to listen and obey. And, it’s a great idea to have water and nutritious human treats for your movers as well.

6. pack a separate
box of your pet’s toys
Once at your new home, your dog may be frightened of the new surroundings, so, having familiar playthings ready will reduce stress levels.
5. let your movers know to expect fido
If your dog will be around during the move, let your movers know ahead of time. You’d be surprised how many men are afraid of dogs. Whether large or small animals, it doesn’t matter. Also, there are movers that are allergic to dogs.
4. don’t ignore them
After the move you will be busy unpacking, so don’t ignore your dog. Take regular and long walks, if you can, to explore your new neighbourhood together or even short breaks from unpacking, to play. Time together will help your dog be better behaved during this change in everyone’s environment.

3. keep them hydrated
Don’t forget that your dog will be excited on move day and will need plenty of water. Exercise is the best way to get your dog ready, more relaxed and calm for when the movers arrive. Depending on your dog’s age and size, draining his or her energy level may not be easy, so plan frequent walks. I know that a 30-minute walk barely makes a dent in our dog’s energy level.

2. use “mess” breaks
Make sure you let your pet out for “mess” breaks. Nothing will ruin your moving day experience more than a ‘surprise’ from your dog inside your new abode. Keep him or her on your property to avoid making a bad first impression on your neighbours.

1. have fun
Moving into new digs is a time to celebrate. Have the movers take a pictur of you, your family and your dog in your new home. What a perfect reminder of the day you just shared.

With these tips and a few deep breaths, you’re well on your way to a smooth-sailing move. Visit for a location near you.

Chuck Resnick is vice-president, marketing and operations at Two Men and A Truck – Canada®.

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