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moving checklist

moving checklist

By Chuck Resnick

Summer is the busiest moving season of the year. We recommend the following 15-point moving checklist that will help you complete your move in a stress free way.

❒ Double-check all closets, drawers, shelves, attic and garage to ensure they are empty.

❒ Carry all important documents, money and jewelry with you.

❒ Pack toys, games or special items for the kids to keep them busy during the move.

❒ Remember to pack a box of basics that you may need on move-in day (tools, paper products, all-purpose household cleaners, etc.). Be sure to have it loaded last so that it will be first off at your new home.

❒ Don't pack paint, bottles of bleach, gas cans or other inflammables. It is against federal law for movers to transport flammable and combustible materials.
❒ Use strong boxes and containers that can be secured tightly. Purchase special boxes for dishes, wardrobe and other special items.

❒ Pack audio-video equipment in their original boxes. Label cables and tighten transit screws, before removing cables take pictures of the back of the unit so you can hook everything back up the same way. If removing screws, tape them to the objects they are removed from.

❒ Avoid loading more than 50 pounds into one box.

❒ Label each box and indicate the following: (a) Which room it should go in (b) Whether it is fragile (c) If it should be loaded last so it will be unloaded first.

❒ Cushion contents with packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper or tissue. Save room by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items.
❒ Pack books tightly on end in small boxes. If musty smelling, sprinkle talcum powder between the pages and wrap the book before packing. Leave stored for a couple of months to eliminate the smell.

❒ Have rugs and draperies cleaned before moving and leave them in wrappings for the move.

❒ Pack medicines in a plastic zip lock bag or leakproof container.

❒ Check the weather forecast for your move day, if it’s going to be hot be sure to have a cooler with lots of bottled water and sports drinks on ice.

❒ Call your moving company the day before your move to get a contact number for the crew doing your move in case you need to contact them on route. Give your mover your cell phone number and be sure to fully charge your cell phone the night before your move day. ■

Chuck Resnick is vice-president, marketing and operations at Two Men and A Truck – Canada®.

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