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painting walls

Make your rental your own

Approximately one third of Canadians are renters, and while many find wonderful dwellings that suit their needs, not all rental properties reflect one's sense of style.

"There are many easy and cost-efficient changes that Canadian renters can make to their rental properties to make their spaces feel more like home," says Lauren Richards a sales representative for Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage. "Be sure to check with your landlord or your tenancy agreement before making any updates."

Delta Faucet and Lauren Richards offer the following tips for quickly adding personality and style to any rented space.

colour your world
Paint is a quick and easy way to add an abundance of personality to any room. Light colours will make a small room appear more spacious, while dark tones add warmth and coziness. When considering which finish to choose, flat paints are the most common, while a satin finish gives a smoother finish and is easy to clean.

haute hardware
Updated rentals might feature the kitchen of your dreams, but if your apartment is a little older, chances are the kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. Replacing outdated cupboard hardware is a relatively inexpensive, easy job and you'll be surprised how much life it will breathe into your space. Modern finishes like chrome and stainless steel can be found at most hardware stores and will quickly turn that old kitchen around.

tap into your style
The bathroom is a great place to show some personality and add a splash of colour. But adding a bright shower curtain won't do much if the bathroom fixtures are grungy and outdated. Consider replacing the old faucet with a modern, stylish fixture you'll be proud to show off. The new Vero Bath Collection from Delta is water-efficient and provides an elegant, high-end ribbon design without the high-end price. A coordinating showerhead is also available if you want to continue the look throughout the bathroom. Remember to keep your old faucet so you can take your new one with you when you move.

see the light
Lighting can make your home feel spacious, clean and welcoming. Lamps can add a soft glow to your living room and bedroom. Bright lighting in the kitchen is a must if you like cooking and can be easily achieved by using a bright light bulb, such as a 60 watt or simply adding a new fixture.

window shopping
Many apartments come with window coverings, which is great for privacy and blocking out light, but likely not for your personal style. Ready-made roman shades, blinds and curtains are available at most hardware and home stores in a variety of colours, fabrics, styles and price points. Just remember to keep the old blinds you remove so you can reinstall them in the event you move. More information can be found online at and

— News Canada

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