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Make the most of a small apartment rental

make the most of a small apartment rental

For city dwellers square footage can be tight, so making the most of every inch is crucial. Take a look at these tips to maximize your space from Cindy Jardim, the styles and trends director at Lowe’s Canada. Jardim is an expert in home décor and design:

a grill for any space
If you think that not having a yard means you can’t barbecue, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. “At Lowe’s we have a selection of quality electric, gas and propane grills that will fit any budget or space,” says Jardim. “Some condos actually do allow propane and gas but be sure to check the bylaws before making your purchase.”

a small, private retreat
Are you looking to improve the privacy of your urban outdoor space? Consider adding greenery or privacy screens to your deck or balcony. – Lowe’s has a privacy screen which also doubles as a planter. Privacy screens are especially helpful on condo balconies where neighbours can be sitting in close proximity and they can also work wonders for blocking the elements.

If noisy neighbours are an issue, a small water feature can help to muffle sound and inject some Zen into your urban oasis.

The number one takeaway here is to work with the space you have and before purchasing anything, measure first.

form and function
Do you have a small apartment rental space with no room for patio furniture? Don’t worry about a formal dining set. Create a space that’s conducive to outdoor conversation. If your apartment rental has a small yard or balcony, you can get functional furniture that serves double duty, like chairs and tables with hidden storage.

The number one mistake that many people make with balconies is to put too much furniture on them or buy pieces that are too big for the space. Scale and sizing are key to ensure the pieces fit within the space. Use the same rules you would when buying indoor furniture.

— News Canada

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