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learn how to keep pet hair under control

keeping pet hair under control

A pet’s shed hair can be a pitfall of pet ownership. Some animals shed a little, while others seem to leave behind patches of fur that may be mistaken for a second life form. Tumbleweeds of fur may roll out from under sofas or attach to clothing, so it’s no wonder pet’s shed hair is an inconvenience for pet parents.

While it is impossible to make a pet-friendly apartment rental home an entirely hair-free and sterile environment, there are various ways to keep pet hair under control.

vacuum frequently
Invest in a vacuum designed with stronger suction for removing pet hair from a variety of surfaces. The fur can get lodged inside of carpet fibers, and you will need a strong vacuum to remove it.

When vacuuming, do so from various directions to really pull up hair that has accumulated on the carpet. Vacuum attachments make it easier to reach behind furniture or into crevices where fur tends to settle. Try to vacuum a few times per week, especially if your dog or cat is a notorious shedder.

make furniture off-limits
Pet fur on couch cushions and on bed pillows can be aggravating, so keep pets off of the furniture as much as possible. Owners with laid-back attitudes about pets on the sofa or bed can cover such surfaces with washable slipcovers or pet blankets so shed hair is easier to clean and remove.

use hair-resistant surfaces
That chenille couch may be comfortable, but it can also cause headaches when pet fur builds up. When shopping for furnishings, look for leather or canvas items. Fur tends to slide off such surfaces. When updating flooring, opt for hardwood, tile or laminate floors that will be easier to keep clean of pet hair than carpets.

buy, use rubber gloves
Dampen rubber gloves and run your hand across surfaces that attract fur. The fur will stick to the gloves and make fur removal that much easier. Dryer sheets and balloons can also effectively remove pet hair.

brush pets often
Take your pet outdoors and routinely groom him or her to dislodge loose fur. Some specialty shampoos are said to help release the undercoat of a pet and promote strong new hair growth. Professional grooming can also limit the amount of fur in a home, but don’t expect it to eliminate it entirely.
Pet fur can be a nuisance, but it’s something that pet owners must deal with if they have a companion animal. Various strategies can minimize the mess left behind by furry friends.

— Metro Creative

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