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small space solutions—increase storage space

increase storage space

What renter has not lamented that they have many more belongings than they have storage space? In some apartments, closet space and other areas to store items may be lacking. But savvy apartment dwellers can find both permanent and temporary solutions to their apartment rental storage problems.

One of the easiest ways to create storage space is to simply remove some belongings from the residence. Go through closets around the apartment to see if there are any items that can be discarded or donated. Items that are broken can be discarded, while those things that still have utility can be donated or sold.

The next step is to maximize the space of your existing closets. Many closets are equipped with just a shelf and a clothing rack, greatly limiting the storage potential. Investing in a closet organization system is one way to transform a poorly utilized space. These systems can be purchased, often inexpensively, from a home improvement center. Compiled of modular racks and shelving, the positioning can be customized depending on the size of the closet. Oftentimes, the addition of shelving or another rack for hanging clothes can solve some storage issues. These closet systems also are ideal for renters because they can be installed with minimal damage and be removed when a lease expires.

Renters may have to think vertically to solve storage solutions. Wall space may be abundant in an apartment where closets are not. Therefore, shelving and cabinets can be places to keep items neatly off the floor. A series of shelves can be installed next to a washing machine to keep laundry supplies organized. In children’s rooms, build bookcases the height of the room so children can store frequently used reading material and toys on the lower levels, and adults can put collectibles and mementos near the top. Hang hooks to hold hats and robes. Whenever possible, look to store items on the walls where they will keep clutter off the floor.
Storage can even be created in the bathroom, where the space over the toilet can be used to hang a cabinet to store hand towels and other toiletries if the space under the sink has already been claimed.

Many apartment dwellers recognize the advantage of having items that serve double-duty in their living spaces. For example, a convertible sofa can be used for sitting and then turn into a bed for overnight guests. Ottomans that have a storage compartment can house anything from throw blankets to magazines. An armoire may house the television but also have a pull-out shelf that can hold a laptop computer.

In the kitchen, move food items out of cabinetry and into a “pantry” you create elsewhere in the apartment, such as an inconvenient closet or by adding more shelving near the door. This frees up more room for pots and pans. Cabinets that have pull-out shelving help maximize tight recesses of cabinets and keep things organized and in sight. For those with limited cabinets, pots and pans can be hung from a pot rack suspended in the kitchen.

Even when there is a small amount of storage space, individuals can find clever ways to neatly store items.

—Metro Creative

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