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how to organize holiday decor

how to organize holiday decor

Celebrations go a long way toward making the holiday season a special time of year. Each holiday offers the opportunity to transform both the interior and exterior of a home into a holiday wonderland blending both store-bought and handcrafted decorations and ornaments.

As families grow, many amass various holiday trinkets and decorative items that become part of their holiday traditions. Some decorations hold special sentimental value, while others are standard decorations found in homes across the globe come the holiday season.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by holiday decorations, but organizing such items can make the process of giving your apartment rental a holiday facelift that much easier.

Storage bins are the unsung heroes of holiday decorating. Such bins keep treasures safe and out of the way in apartment rental lockers, basements and closets. Employing a colour-coding system to organize holiday decorations will make it easier to identify items and their corresponding holidays. Christmas objects can be housed in red or green storage containers, while Halloween decorations can be placed in orange containers, and so on. Investing in durable, plastic bins with lids will keep items clean and orderly.

pick a storage spot
Hunting and pecking around the home for holiday decor can make the process of decorating that much more time-consuming. Not knowing where the strings of lights or extra extension cords are stored can drag out the time it takes to decorate. Establish a designated storage area for ornaments, lights, wreaths, and other items used to decorate your apartment rental come the holidays. Out-of-the way spots like a storage locker or seldom-used closets make good storage spots for holiday decorations, guaranteeing that such items won’t get in the way throughout the rest of the year.

sort and replace
Take the time to periodically go through decorative items, removing anything that is broken or worn beyond repair. It takes time to go items through piece by piece, but this will save time next year when decorations are taken out again. The longer you wait to sort items and do a little cleaning, the more time it ultimately takes to clean house.

keep a running list
Although you may have a general idea of the items you have packed away, some things may be forgotten. Keep an informal inventory of decorations and supplies so you don’t purchase any duplicates.

If you notice your list is lacking some items, shop pre- or post-season sales when items tend to be less expensive. Try to avoid shopping for holiday decorations right around that holiday, when stores are running out of stock and prices are typically at their highest.

Decorating for the holidays can be fun, and it’s even more fun when homeowners take the time to carefully organize their decorations. 
– Metro Creative

— Metro Creative

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