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hire the right movers

how to hire the right movers

Chuck Resnick

Hiring the right movers or moving company can save you lots of work, stress and headaches in the long run. Industry professionals are accustomed to handling all kinds of moves, from apartment rentals to homes and offices to larger offices. We understand how to pack, mark and transport items of all shapes, sizes and levels of fragility. We appreciate the importance of what we do, because people’s “stuff” is so much more to them than a collection of items. It represents their lifestyle, memories, emotional connections and fun. Although many consumers move themselves and do a good job of it, enlisting professional movers is the choice of many others. However, you do want to be careful that the company you hire is above board and upholds strict standards.

How can you tell?

Do your research by asking questions. Is the company a member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM)? This organization exists to help people find reputable movers they can trust. To explore a company’s reputation, you can also contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and your provincial government’s consumer protection agency.

Visit to learn more about what CAM has to say – the first three things listed are: ask three movers for estimates in writing; get the terms and conditions of your move in writing; and ensure you know how your goods will be protected for loss or damage. If a company representative does not know how to answer your questions or glosses over them, a red flag should go up.

Communication is the number-one factor in a successful move. At Two Men and A Truck® – Canada, we have a Consumer Bill of Rights, the only one in the Canadian moving industry. We also have a list of questions to consider when consumers are thinking about hiring a mover.

Of particular importance are the financial considerations. For example, does the company have a minimum charge, and how are you charged after that minimum is met? Will you be charged for fuel or travel time to and from their office to your apartment rental home or business? Will there be a fuel surcharge or a stairs or long-distance walk charge if they have to park the truck some distance from your door?

Is there a deposit required, and what kinds of payment options are available? Do they offer free quotes? How do they arrive at a valuation that is covered by insurance? Does the mover have advice for how you can reduce your costs? It is also important to ask if they employ full-time workers or use temps and day labour, and whether their employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation. Are their movers trained in how to pack and move carefully and efficiently?

Ask how to contact the firm’s office during moving day, in case there are issues. If all the representative offers is a cell phone number, be suspicious. In fact, it’s a good idea to visit the movers’ office to make sure it exists. Remember, anyone can make anything seem real on a website.
It’s best for everyone involved to have a moving contract that outlines what is expected. Read it and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

Hiring a company you can trust makes for a more comfortable, less stressful and successful move.

— Chuck Resnick is vice-president, marketing and operations at Two Men and A Truck – Canada.

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