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Doing laundry doesn't need to be hard

how to do laundry

In addition to mopping and dusting, a crucial part of spring cleaning has always been completing a wardrobe rotation – swapping sweaters for t-shirts, pants for shorts, and coats for dresses. It’s the same with exchanging and cleaning our household linens – and today, technology is making this easier.

With the advent of smart appliances, apartment renters can choose specific laundry settings based on the type of fabric and stains they are trying to wash, all via a smartphone. The technology is called Near Field Communications or NFC and is used to quickly pair and exchange data between smartphones and appliances. This takes all the guess work out of laundry and delivers a professional clean at home – saving you time, energy and effort.

“By applying NFC Technology to our appliances we’ve given homeowners the luxury of safely washing even the most delicate fabrics at home,” says Valerie Malone, a home appliance expert with LG Electronics Canada. “The NFC Tag On can check the status of your appliance and help you select the perfect wash cycle every time. This technology also reduces expensive trips to the dry cleaner allowing you to do all your laundry at home.”
Here are some additional laundry tips to help you prepare for this season’s tough loads:

This item is a serious dust collector. Wash duvets regularly on a delicate cycle and ensure it comes out of the dryer light and fluffy by adding in a few clean tennis balls.

delicate clothing
Household items including cushion covers, cloth napkins and table runners easily get dirty and seldom get washed as they are often made of delicate fabrics. As a fresh – and less expensive – alternative to dry cleaning, wash with mild soap or steam in the washer and hang to dry.

tougher textiles
Certain fabrics require a deeper clean. Items such as dog beds and curtains should be washed with a colour-brightening soap to help remove dirt and keep them looking new. Add a sprinkle of table salt to the wash to stop colours from bleeding.
And, if you would like a helpful little tool to make it even easier, Malone suggests trying the LG Smart Laundry App which comes pre-loaded with a ton of time-saving laundry settings.

— News Canada

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