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how to buy a mattress

how to buy a mattress with comfort and durability

When the time comes to buy a new mattress, consumers typically exercise due diligence, knowing full well that a bad decision could have lasting effects and lead to many sleepless nights. While shopping for a mattress, consumers can find themselves inundated with information, which can be confusing and make the process much more difficult. However, the following are a few helpful hints consumers should consider to make the process go more smoothly.

protect the mattress
Warranties are especially important to men and women shopping for a mattress, and understandably so. Shoppers want to know that they are protected by a warranty should their mattress not live up to expectations. Most mattresses come with a decade-long warranty, but consumers should know these warranties are voided if the mattress gets so much as a single stain on it. As a result, consumers should always purchase a waterproof mattress cover and immediately place it on the mattress once it arrives.

be patient
Chances are, many mattresses on the showroom floor will feel great, especially if your existing mattress is highly uncomfortable. But the goal is to buy a mattress that will feel comfortable over the long term. Discuss your preferences with a salesman, and he should be able to steer you toward the right fit. The process might not go as quickly as you wish, but the decision is one that will have positive or negative ramifications for years to come, so be patient and ensure you make the right call.
you can negotiate
The price of a mattress is very negotiable, so don’t be discouraged by sticker shock. Manufacturers typically have very negotiable pricing, and mattress salespeople have lots of wiggle room when it comes to price. So don’t be afraid to haggle over the price to get the deal you desire.

don’t dwell on coil count
Confusion often enters the mattress-buying process when consumers start focusing on coil count. Many mistakenly assume more coils is always preferable. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Innerspring mattresses typically come with interlocking coils or independent coils. Interlocking coil mattresses have fewer coils because the coils are tied together with wire, while independent coils are greater in number because each coil’s responsibility is greater. Which type of mattress is best for you won’t depend on number of coils, but a host of other factors, so don’t overemphasize coil count.
—Metro Creative

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