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healthy living and household hazards

As Canadians learn more about the environment, awareness of health hazards becomes increasingly important. As you look at rental units, consider contaminants that could affect your quality of life if you were to rent the unit. Consider:

the air quality
Molds and chemical contaminants such as heavy pesticide use or smoke from neighbouring units can be a significant problem for tenants with allergies. The presence of mold may be indicated by one of the following:
• Stains, discolouration, or bubbling on walls or ceilings.
• Musty or earthy smells.
• Mold, and in extreme cases, rotting wood on window sills. If you or anyone living with you has asthma or a respiratory condition, you may be better off seeking alternative accommodation rather than renting a damp basement apartment.

the water quality
Water quality is an important consideration when a well is the main source of drinking water.


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