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hazard symbols and their meanings

Cooking spray, cleaning products, paint thinner, and windshield washer fluid are all common household products that have labels with hazard symbols. To keep you and your family safe at home, it’s important to know and understand what each symbol means.

Hazard symbols consist of three parts: pictures, frames and signal words.

  1. Pictures show you the type of danger.
  2. Shaped frames around the hazard symbol tell you what part of the product is dangerous. A triangle means the container is dangerous and an octagon means the contents are dangerous.
  3. The signal words underneath the hazard symbol explain the degree of risk.

This signal word means temporary injury may result. Death may occur with extreme exposure.

Means it may cause temporary or permanent injury, or death.

extreme danger
Means exposure to very low amounts may cause death or serious injury.

The safest way to protect you and your family from the dangers of household chemicals is to use, store, and dispose of household chemicals carefully. Remember the meanings of the hazard symbols and follow all directions on the label.

More tips on poison prevention can be found online at

— News Canada

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