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View some of the best student rentals near your school

Are you a student? Let's find some apartments for rent near your campus

Moving out on your own is one of the most exciting times in your life. Whether you’re moving away from your family home or from the tiny dorm room you’ve called home all school year, the thrill of finally choosing an apartment rental based on your needs is undeniable.

For many students, however, it can also be a nerve wracking process. The idea of committing to the right home for the next eight to 12 months of your life can be overwhelming. With this in mind, the team decided to create Rentals 4Students. This biannual publication can help alleviate some of the stress of finding the best student apartment rentals close to your school.

Within the pages of our magazine, you will find a wide variety of student apartment rentals – each offering an excellent blend of features to suit your needs. You will also find helpful advice on moving, budgeting and taking care of yourself.

Are you ready to begin the hunt? What are your must haves? Are things like hardwood floors, in-suite laundry, parking, proximity to school, or transit access important to you? Whatever your needs are, make your list and use Rentals 4Students to find apartment rentals matching your criteria.

Once you have selected a few appropriate properties, make appointments to visit these rentals during the day. Your visit is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you have about utilities, subleasing, damage deposits and more. It is also an ideal time to take measurements to see if your bed, desk and other key furniture items can fit inside the space.

Don’t be afraid of knocking on a few doors and meeting some of your neighbours while you’re visiting a property. These people often have a good idea of what you can expect from living in the area.

A word of caution – once you’ve found the perfect apartment rental for you, be sure to act quickly and sign a lease. Your idea of a dream home could also be someone else’s. This is where your list of must-haves comes in handy. It can help you make tough decisions and avoid losing a great home due to indecision.

Good luck with your search; we hope that we’re able to help you find the perfect place to call home!

— Renata Valz, Editor

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