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Tips for entertaining at home

Entertaining at home is a fun and convenient way to get together with friends and family. Entertaining at home is less expensive than renting out a venue or hitting the town, and party hosts know the amenities they have available to them.

Although convenient, home entertaining also requires more work on the part of the event host, including readying the house for company. However, with some creative thinking and a little sweat equity, hosts can throw an enjoyable and memorable get-together from the comforts of their own homes.

Begin by going room-by-room and making a note of what will need to be done. If you've entertained at home before, you may have a mental inventory of what worked and what didn't, so make changes accordingly this time around. Focus only on the spaces where guests will congregate, such as the living room, den, kitchen, and dining area.

Develop a decluttering plan to remove items from entertaining spaces and store them safely away. A little bit of clutter can make a space seem unruly and unclean. Move delicate items, such as collectibles, to a storage location, returning them to their original spaces after the party has ended. If necessary, move some furniture or take away a piece or two to free up more space. Folding chairs may be more practical than a large sofa.

Expand the bulk of your cleaning efforts on the entryway, bathrooms and living areas of the home, as guests will spend a lot of their time in these areas. Enlist the help of the household to tidy the house and then tackle deep cleaning room by room. Remove anything you do not want your guests to see. One or two inquisitive guests may check behind the shower curtain or even open up the medicine cabinet, so remove personal or potentially sensitive items.

Recruit help to ready your home or even assist you on the day of the party. A cleaning service can make fast work of scouring the house, while a waitstaff can help serve food and keep drinks refilled, enabling you to mingle with guests. If the idea of cooking for all of your guests is overwhelming, hire a caterer to provide the food.

Stock up on stain removal products to tackle the inevitable spills. While you no doubt hope to keep your house as clean as possible, expect some dropped food or spilt drinks. Keep a cleaner at the ready so you can quickly combat stains and guests can continue to have an enjoyable time.

The more involved the party is, the more time you will need to prepare your home. Afford yourself ample time to prepare so you are not feeling rushed come the day of the party.

- Metro Creative

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