On top of the ongoing spread of COVID-19, the flu is back.

Over the last two winters, COVID-19 precautions helped prevent the spread of the flu, resulting in mild flu seasons. This year, however, we’re experiencing a steep rise in cases.

Influenza is a respiratory illness. Anyone can get the flu, which causes fever, cough, sore throat and headache. Some people are at higher risk of severe symptoms and complications, including people 65 years of age and up, under 5 years of age, pregnant or with underlying medical conditions. Serious complications from the flu can include pneumonia and even hospitalization. So, for many people, it’s not “just the flu”.

Getting your flu shot is considered the best way to protect yourself from getting and spreading the flu. It can help prevent you from missing work, school or other activities. Having more people vaccinated results in fewer infections and therefore less illness in the community, which will help to reduce pressure on our healthcare system too.

Find more information on where and how to book your flu shot at canada.ca/flu.