(NC) Immunity is a hot topic on everyone’s radar in today’s COVID landscape. Over time, as restrictions loosen and we begin to once again spend time in public spaces, it’s essential to consider preventative health actions that help improve our immune system.

When we think about immune support, vitamins, minerals, and getting adequate rest all come to mind. But there are other protective actions we can take to help ward off illnesses.

Get moving with exercise

Regular physical activity is considered one of the main components of healthy living. It can also improve your ability to repel viruses.

You don’t have to be a marathon runner or body builder to reap the benefits. No matter the intensity level, activity is known to stimulate how our bodies cells work together to help keep us healthy. All forms of activity including yoga, walking and stretching contribute to improved immunity.

Stay up to date on vaccinations

One of the best things you can do for your lifelong immunity is to keep on top of immunizations. As we age, our immune system gradually weakens and becomes less effective at protecting us from disease. That’s why keeping up to date on vaccinations throughout adult life is important to staying healthy. Even if you think you’re up to date, it’s important to check with your healthcare provider as some adults may have missed one or more of their vaccines as a child and need to catch up now. There are also diseases that are more common in adults, even healthy ones, so additional vaccines are needed as we get older.

Proper diet and meal planning

The food we eat directly correlates to building stronger immunity. The body’s immune response relies on the presence of many micronutrients that we get from food. Be sure to serve colourful foods because the brighter the food, the more nutrition and immune-boosting ingredients they pack — think beets, carrots and cabbage. Especially in autumn, there are bountiful harvests of whole foods and vegetables to help keep our plates colourful and our immunity high.

Learn more about what vaccinations may be right for you at vaccinateforlife.ca.