Colourful Christmas lights, festive music and holiday parties are just some of the joys of the season. But, for many of us, the anxiety of finding the right gifts, the cost and the obligation of giving to everyone on our list can feel excessive and take the shine off of the holiday season. Here are three gifts you can give this year that will give you just as much joy as the recipient.

Homemade from the heart
We all have a talent – hidden or otherwise – and the holidays are the perfect time to share your special skill with friends and loved ones. Tap into your creative side and share a personal gift: a knitted toque, a sketch of your friend’s home decked out for the holidays or a tin filled with your signature baked goods.

Repurpose with purpose
When we think of re-gifting, it’s usually in a negative context: Someone gave you something you didn’t really want, so you pass it along to someone else on your list. But regifting can be positive if you do it for the right reasons. Some options include sharing jewelry you no longer wear, offering up your favourite board game or deck of cards for a game night with friends or giving a nice bottle of wine to someone who will appreciate the gesture.

Charitable donations
Many of us feel more generous over the holidays. And for the friend or loved one who truly has it all, what better gift could there be than to share the wealth with those who need it most? Organizations like Canadian Feed The Children have gift catalogues that make it easy to choose items that will provide food, opportunities to generate income or education support for families in need around the world and even here in Canada. For many items, donations are matched one-for-one. You can find the organization’s gift-giving catalogue at