(NC) Camping is a rite of passage for many Canadians. For some of us it’s more of a nightmare. If you’re not too keen on the discomforts of camping, you can add a little bit of luxury and go glamping with minimal effort. Here are some tips to make your excursion more enjoyable:

  1. Glimmering light
    More than looking pretty, some twinkling lights can also help you prevent mosquito bites and find your way around the site. Try placing citronella candles in glass jars at convenient intervals. Or poke holes in a pattern into clean tin cans and add tealights or short pillar candles. It’s a fun craft that sparkles with beautiful patterns in the night sky. You can keep Bic’s newest EZ Reach Lighter on hand to help set the mood. The extended 1.45-inch wand helps keep your fingers away from the flame, even when lighting tough-to-reach places like tea lights and kindling.
  2. Sweet dreams
    Camping isn’t known for providing a great night’s rest, but a few simple upgrades can help you sleep like a log. Bring a foldable cot or air mattress to lift your body above the hard bumpy ground without taking up too much space in your vehicle. Add a cushy mattress topper, soft and cozy bedding from home, and a couple of comfy pillows and you’ll be all set for a restful slumber.
  3. Fine food
    There’s no doubt camping has some classic meals and snacks, from trail mix to hot dogs, fresh-caught fish and s’mores. But with a Dutch oven or sturdy frying pan there’s plenty more easy and creative food to be had. Why not step it up with fresh pancakes, peach cobbler or an aromatic stew? A little bit of prep at home can go a long way on the fire. You can also treat yourself with gourmet goodies like fancy chocolate for your s’mores, or unexpected additions to your trail mix, such as dried mango or candied nuts.