The holidays are a time for celebration, but they can also be a time when we produce more household waste than usual.

To help you celebrate the season sustainably, Tim Faveri, vice president of sustainability and shared value at Maple Leaf Foods, shares these helpful tips:

Reuse your wrap.

Gift wrapping is one of the main sources of waste during the holidays. To reduce your seasonal waste, choose to wrap holiday gifts with reusable cloth bags or fabric. This unexpected touch will delight the recipient and become another part of the present that they can reuse. For the ultimate waste-free gift, choose to go digital with gift cards, or give the thrill of a unique real-life experience like a night out to dinner or a local art gallery.

Reduce food waste.

The holidays are a time of having family and friends over for long-awaited get-togethers. As you plan these events, carefully consider the amount of food that’s really necessary.

“It’s very easy to over-shop when entertaining. The pressure to be a good host can lead to unused food and added food waste,” says Faveri. “Planning your meals carefully can help you eliminate food waste and stick to your budget through the holiday season. If you do have leftovers, you can surprise your guests by sending them home with treats to enjoy in reusable containers.”

Shop sustainably.

Holiday shopping can have a lasting impact beyond the festive season. With all your seasonal purchases, choose to support companies that commit to sustainable business practices and positive environmental responsibility.

“Maple Leaf Foods is proud to be the world’s first major carbon-neutral food company, and believes in giving back to communities across Canada,” says Faveri.

By proactively researching the brands you buy to learn more about associated environmental impact and sustainable business practises, you can choose to make sustainability a priority in your own household, for the good of your family and the planet.