increase your home storage options

Apartment dwellers commonly lament the lack of storage space in their homes. But unless such men and women are willing to pack up and move to a larger apartment or private home, storage will continue to pose a problem. Fortunately, there are many ways to create storage space without knocking down walls.

buy furniture that includes storage space
Perhaps the simplest way to create extra storage space is to purchase furniture that doubles as storage. Storage beds make great places to store bulky bedding, including extra bedsheets, blankets and pillows. Living room furniture can also serve dual roles. Dress up a storage chest and use it as your coffee table, and replace old footrests with storage ottomans.

purchase removable shelving units for closets
Closets may have plenty of shelf space up top, but what about all that floor space that’s not being put to use? Small, removable shelving units can be placed inside closets so you can make use of the space beneath all those shirts, dresses and sweaters hanging on hangers.

buy a corner coat rack
Coats take up ample closet space, which apartment dwellers know can be a precious commodity. Rather than reserving half of your closet space for coats, purchase a corner coat rack with multiple hooks at varying heights. This means that all those bulky coats will be stored in one small, vertical space, leaving more room in the closets for the rest of your wardrobe.

hang pots and pans
Kitchen cabinet space can be especially scarce in apartments, but that does not mean apartment dwellers must cook with a single pot and pan. Suspend pots and pans from the ceiling, using the cabinet space you have to store food and other items that might look out of place if left sitting out.

purchase an e-reader
Avid readers living in storage-starved apartments can create more space simply by going digital with regard to their favorite hobby. Purchase an e-reader and store all of your books digitally on your new device and its accompanying cloud storage. This saves you from having to find space to store new books, and you can donate all or some of your existing collection to create more space.

— Metro Creative