(NC) With more of Canada fully vaccinated and provinces cautiously opening back up, many of us are eager to revisit the gym, restaurants and movie theatres. But even with the light at the end of the tunnel, the pandemic isn’t over — and the anxiety of returning to social activities can be daunting.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as we slowly reclaim our pre-pandemic lives.

  1. Know and define your comfort zone.
    After over a year of being heavily restricted, you may feel pressure to be a social butterfly and fill your calendar with events to make up for it. It’s okay to not rush in headfirst.

Figure out what you’re comfortable with. Are you okay with going to eat out at restaurants, but only on a patio? How about heading to a movie theatre, but only at certain times? Just because restrictions are being lifted doesn’t mean you have to abandon your comfort zone. Communicate your boundaries with friends and family, so they may be aware of where you draw the line.

  1. Don’t bombard yourself with headlines.
    It’s important to keep informed. After all, who hasn’t obsessively tracked new cases and vaccination rates at some point during the pandemic? But it’s also unhealthy to obsess over the news, and information fatigue is very real. For the sake of your mental health, step away from the headlines when you find yourself going down a COVID-19 rabbit hole.
  2. Don’t be afraid to seek help if needed.
    With everything constantly changing, it can be normal to experience stress, the indoor blues or feelings of loneliness. If you’re struggling, remember that there are resources available that can help.

For example, the Wellness Together Canada portal offers free, credible information and resources, available 24/7 to help address mental health and substance use issues. Here, you can access self-assessment tools or choose to connect with peer support, social workers, psychologists and other professionals via confidential text sessions or phone calls.

Support is just a call or click away. Find more information at wellnesstogether.ca.