Few things say spring like a fresh garden. Getting your plot ready for the season can spark joy after months of the winter blues. Whether you grow your own fresh produce to use in the kitchen or just want bountiful blooms, here are four tips on how to grow the perfect garden this spring:

Know what to grow. Your environment will determine the success of your plants, so it’s important that you consider things like temperature, rain patterns and the amount of sunlight in your outdoor space. Research if the environment will allow seeds to thrive or if your garden is better suited for young plants. It’s always best to grow native plants wherever possible to help nurture your natural environment.

Pick your plot. Not everyone has room for an in-ground garden, so building a garden box may be the perfect choice. Any fearless DIYer can fashion themselves a garden box with easy-to-use hand tools such as the ones from Benchmark. You can find plenty of design plans online to get started, but the best part about building your own DIY garden box is that you can customize it to whatever size and aesthetic fits your space.

Start simple. Consider how much time you can dedicate to your garden each week and don’t overplant. Perennial flowers and produce such as carrots and cucumbers are a great place to start. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts of growing very quickly.

Make sure you’re well equipped. Having the right tools and supplies for your garden goes a long way. You’ll need items including a watering can, proper gloves, hand shovels and mulch – all of which you can get at stores like your local Home Hardware. Expert advice paired with quality equipment will put your green thumb to work.