Whether we’re headed to work, school or other commitments, sky-high gas prices and inflation mean many of us are facing regular trips that are more expensive than ever.

While there’s not much you can do about prices these days, there are a few steps you can take to save on your commute. Here are some ideas:

Plan your trips
If you know you’re heading into the office, you can plan errands around your in-office day(s) and stop at destinations like the grocery store, bank or pet store, on your way home. Running your errands on days when you’ll already be out driving can save you time in your schedule and may even save you money at the gas pump.

Try out alternative transit or carpooling
In good weather, you may try riding a bike to work to avoid filling up at the pump and enjoy the health benefits at the same time. But in the later fall and winter months when that may not be an option, try carpooling with colleagues – this can help you save on gas, and give you some great company to enjoy the ride with.

Take advantage of apps
As long as you use them hands free, mapping or GPS apps can help you find the most efficient – and therefore cheapest – route. You can also try telematics – a usage-based program that follows your driving habits over time and tailors your insurance premiums accordingly. Apps like these, such as Aviva Journey, are a simple way to reward yourself with cash saved for staying safe on the road.

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