(NC) After so much time at home, it’s no surprise if you’re in need of a creative boost. One of the great things about working from home is that you’re much freer to personalize your workspace. This means you can decorate to boost your mood and motivation.

Here are some updates for your virtual home office to help get the juices flowing:

  1. Fresh visuals
    Swap joyful artwork on your desk or walls regularly to keep your environment fresh. Better yet, install a gallery shelf above to house easily changeable prints, family photos and knickknacks that inspire.
  2. Pretty plants
    Bring the outside in with any plant you like. Choose air purifying ones like snake plants for the full benefits, but even a fake plant is better than nothing since green is said to be a colour that promotes productivity.
  3. Point of view
    Change your perspective and activate your imagination by adding another seating area to your workspace if you can. A comfy chair is a great alternative for when you feel chained to your desk. You can even try stacking books for a makeshift standing desk to achieve new heights for a new outlook.
  4. The right gear
    Sometimes it’s old tech that’s getting in your way. Whether it’s adding a second monitor like you had at the office or upgrading your old camera to the latest from Sony for enhanced video calls, livestreams or media projects, new tools can expand your possibilities. Even little things like a mini tripod, a grip for hands-free camera control or studio lighting can also improve your output.

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