While red and green are the typical Christmas colours, you can also add eco-friendly gifts this holiday season. Here are four green gifts that will warm the recipient’s heart.

Green that grows
Christmas falls just after the Winter Solstice – the day of the year with the least amount of sunlight. And if it isn’t already covering the ground, we know that snow is on the way. Help brighten up the indoors by gifting a plant. A pilea, also known as a friendship plant, is a great choice as it’s pet-friendly and easy to care for. Plus, they send up shoots that can be separated and shared.

Get creative
Rather than buying something your recipient may not really want or need, give a gift from the heart by making them something. Tap into your personal creative side. If your hobby is stitching or painting, give the gift of art. Maybe you’re a budding chef. In that case, whip up a bulk batch of soup or chili and put it in freezable containers for a readymade meal. Or premix the dry ingredients for your favourite cookie or brownie recipe and share in a decorative container.

Repurpose treasures
The term regifting has a bad rap. To some it might mean getting rid of something not worth keeping. But rather than buying someone something new, you can find something in your home that you’ve previously enjoyed – say, a favourite book – and wrap it up with a little note explaining why it was so important to you that you wanted to share it.

Share the wealth
A “green” gift that also supports the work of charities can be very meaningful for the recipient and the charity. For example, beekeeping kits for $60 and beehives for $100 from World Vision’s gift catalogue provide honey for families to use or to sell or trade in a sustainable small business to support themselves. The bees also pollinate vegetation to help the local ecosystem thrive.

Find more options for green, sustainable gifts supporting those in need at worldvision.ca/gift.