(NC) This season, it’s time to embrace a “more is more” design philosophy with the return of maximalism. To help you bring this season’s hottest interior trend home, Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares her top three tips to go all out with maximal style.

Be bold.

Saturated colour, vibrant prints and a mixture of furniture from different eras and styles help define a maximalist esthetic. Looking for colour inspiration?

“Look to the exuberant colours of the 70s and opt for jewel tones and striking hues of mustard yellow or a bright turquoise like Deep Ocean 2058-30,” suggests Grech.

Show off your style.

Maximalism gives you permission to show off and celebrate your prized possessions throughout your space. If you enjoy collecting items, and tend towards a more eclectic, glamorous look, this trend will help bring out the best in your space.

However, don’t give into the temptation to clutter every surface. “Allow your favourite pieces to shine by creating styled vignettes throughout your space following the designer trick of grouping objects in threes,” says Grech.

High drama in small spaces.

Not ready for a full house of dramatic colour? Choose a small room to make a maximalist splash. “Powder rooms are the ideal space to experiment with bold hues and dramatic accents,” says Grech.

Create a mirror-selfie-worthy powder room by selecting a bold hue in a matte finish, using humidity-resistant paint such as Aura bath & spa and pairing it with an extravagant mirror for instant drama in the smallest of spaces.