As the weather turns colder and summer vacations end, many take stock of their money and revisit their financial goals and priorities. Here are some tips to stay on track:

Review your household budget
An oldie but a goodie, reviewing your weekly, monthly and yearly budgets will ensure that they coincide with your priorities and will help you identify possible areas where you can scale back. Look for digital tools that can give you a quick, personalized picture of your day-to-day spending to make informed decisions about your money.

Reassess savings goals
Are you making progress toward your short and long-term financial goals? What actions would help you reach them sooner? Are they still what you want? Consider using a tool like BMO’s Savings Goals to help you set up, manage and keep track of your contributions.

Automate it
Don’t rely on your memory to pay your bills on time; switch to automated billing to help you stay on track and never miss a payment. A feature like BMO QuickPay can help manage payment due dates and simplify the payment process conveniently from your mobile device or desktop.

Toss out (some) paper
To help eliminate physical clutter in your home, consider receiving electronic statements for your credit cards, loans, brokerage accounts and household bills. They are eco-friendly and can help you more easily track your finances with all your statements in one place.