Take advantage of the change of seasons and find new ways to step up for sustainability this fall. From delicious recipes to décor inspiration, here are three tips: 

  1. Leave the leaves 
    Falling leaves signal the arrival of autumn. Instead of raking and throwing them away in plastic garbage bags, consider leaving them on your lawn. Leaves play an important role in the health and natural cycles of plants and soil – leaving them can improve your garden and lawn. 
    If you’d prefer to remove the leaves, consider composting them instead of throwing them away. If your municipality doesn’t pick up yard waste, it’s easy to start composting at home.
  2. Decorate using nature 
    When it comes to fall holidays, it’s time to pull out the decorations you stored away last year. While you shouldn’t throw out the ones you already own, try to avoid purchasing new plastic decorations and use natural options if you need more. Pinecones, leaves and flowers can all be used to create a wreath or other decorative pieces. There is endless colourful and creative inspiration to be found in nature. 
  3. Embrace seasonal recipes
    Warm up with a delicious fall meal like chicken stew in a slow cooker. As slow cookers use less energy over a long period of time, they give off fewer emissions than a conventional oven.

As a bonus – you might have leftovers, so you can spend less on food for the rest of the week. Choose chicken and other proteins from companies that are prioritizing eco-friendly initiatives, such as Maple Leaf Foods, which is a carbon-neutral food company.