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Average Rental Prices

  • Studio $1,924
  • 2 Beds $2,600
  • 3 Beds $2,348
  • 4 Beds $1,475
  • 5 Beds $2,629
  • 6 Beds + $2,600

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  • Is this the latest price and availability in N/A, N/A?

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  • What is the rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 1-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 2-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a 2-bedroom apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 3-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a 3-bedroom apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the average unit size for rental apartments in N/A, N/A?

    The average unit size for the rental apartments in N/A is 0 sq. ft.

Featured Rentals

Ottawa Apartments

Are you looking for an Ottawa Apartment? Are you a student who is struggling to find student rentals in Ottawa? We’ve got you covered for all of your Ottawa rental needs. When you’re looking for an apartment to rent in Ottawa, 4Rent.ca is your first stop.

Ottawa is a city rich with history and diversity. With plenty of great properties listed on 4Rent.ca, you’re bound to find Ottawa apartments you’ll love. We recognize finding off-campus housing in Ottawa can be a challenge, but with our list of featured properties you’re bound to find an apartment in that fits your needs. Not a student but still looking for a new place to call home? 4Rent.ca has some beautiful locations listed that’ll fit your wants and needs in finding a new apartment in the capital city of Canada.

Events and Attractions in Ottawa

  • Winterlude – This family fun event is 3 weekends long in February and features great attractions such as ice sculpture competitions and the world’s largest skating rink.
    Rideau Canal – Canoe down the beautiful canal in the summer or skate in the winter.
    National Gallery of Canada – One of the best art galleries in the country, art lovers will love to indulge in all the exhibitions and events.
    Parliament Hill – Find apartments to rent in Ottawa and you will have to find time to visit Canada’s government buildings.
    Bluesfest – This annual event always has a terrific line-up of musical guests.

Post-Secondary Education in Ottawa

Students can find one-bedroom or bachelor apartments for rent near any of these post-secondary institutions in Ottawa.
Carleton University – A variety of programs are available at this university including sciences, business and arts and social sciences.
University of Ottawa – This university includes a French immersion program.
Algonquin College – Full-time and part-time studies are available for a wide variety of subjects at this college.

Tips for Renting in Ottawa, Ontario

Are you searching for apartments for rent in Ottawa? Canada’s capital has a thriving population of well over a million people and sits as the fourth-largest city in Canada. As Canada’s political heart, there is no shortage of history in this stunning city. Those looking for tips for moving to Ottawa may be curious about the 80 unique neighbourhoods and 23 boroughs found here. Whether you’re considering the dense, vibrant, urban sprawl of the Downtown core, or are looking for a more major suburb rental experience, you can anticipate spending $1700/month for a one bedroom apartment in the heart of the city or $1300 for a one-bedroom Ottawa apartment outside of the city. Those looking for a three-bedroom rental in the city centre should budget $2800/month or $2200/month for an apartment outside of the city. Bachelor apartments in Ottawa are also a great option for those looking to spend in the $800 range. Those looking to rent in Ottawa should narrow down where they want to live and determine which suburb or borough best aligns with their lifestyle. Do you drive? If not, you’ll want to ensure your new Ottawa rental puts you in close proximity to the OC Transpo system.

Things to Do in Ottawa, Ontario

There isn’t a shortage of fun things to do in Canada’s capital. Major attractions in Ottawa include visiting the stunning Gothic revival suite of buildings that make up Parliament Hill—the buildings designed for the Parliament of Canada. It attracts over three million visitors per year. Visit the grounds or take a guided tour. Opened in the 1800s as a precautionary measure in the event of war with the U.S., the Rideau Canal is over 202 kilometers long and connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario as well as Kingston’s Saint Lawrence River. The Rideau Canal Skateway is the world’s largest skating rink making it a must do come winter in Ottawa. Hop in your car and drive 45 kilometers southeast of Ottawa come the hot, summer months and visit Calypso Theme Park—the largest water park in Canada with over 130 different fun attractions, 35 waterslides and a 52,000 square foot wave pool you’ll want to take a dip in.

Cost of Living in Ottawa, Ontario

Believe it or not, despite being the fourth largest city in Canada, Ottawa boasts an 18% lower than average cost of living. Ottawa boasts affordability that is on par to western provinces. Public transportation in Ottawa is operated under OC Transpo—a multimodal light metro system made up of two lines with 170 different routes. At the time of writing this, riders can expect to pay $3.75 per ride, or $125.50 for a monthly pass. Utilities including heating, cooling, water, and Internet can be expected to cost approximately $360 for a 900 square foot apartment. Gas costs continue to fluctuate at any given time depending on global circumstances. Those renting in Ottawa may be wondering about the cost of groceries in Ontario. These costs will be largely dependent on each household’s dietary, and lifestyle needs. Those renting in Ottawa can anticipate food prices to be on par with average cost of groceries in Ontario.

The cost of rent in Ottawa is lower than the cost of rent in Toronto. This is primarily attributed to the types of housing available in the city, with prices cheaper in the suburbs. Love working out? Drop in at one of the City of Ottawa’s drop-in activities or weight and cardio rooms. For an adult this will cost $10 for a one time drop-in fee visit, or $90.50 for a 10-visit pass. If you’re looking for a more robust all-inclusive membership, you can purchase this for $93.50—these costs will vary based on Class A and Class B facilities. Curious about restaurants and gyms in Ottawa? Ottawa has a range of other gyms including Anytime Fitness Ottawa, Goodlife Fitness Ottawa, Elgin Fitness and The Health Club Westin Ottawa.

Are you a foodie? Ottawa isn’t short on great local dining haunts. You can anticipate spending approximately $20-$25 for a sit down meal in an inexpensive restaurant. Got date night on the mind? Budget for $80 for dinner for two (especially if you want to throw a movie into the mix.)

On a salary of $45,000/year, you can expect to enjoy a great quality of life in Ottawa.

Employment & Economy in Ottawa, Ontario

Now that you’ve put your plan in motion to move to Ottawa, Ontario you’ll likely be wondering about employment opportunities in Ottawa as well as the economy in Ottawa. With a median household income of over $80,000 a year, it’s no surprise that Ottawa ranks as the sixth-highest total household income in all of the major Canadian metropolitan areas.

At the time of writing this, Ottawa unemployment rates have been lower than the previous decade where the average unemployment rate was 5.2%. It was ranked as the third highest quality of living in Canada based on the Mercer reports in 2019.

As the capital of Canada, a large chunk of the city of Ottawa is employed by the Public Service of Canada which employs well over 100,000 people—which is 8.5% of the city’s population. Other major Ottawa employment opportunities include tourism, healthcare and a booming high-tech industry.

The tourism industry in Ottawa generates approximately $2.2 billion dollars per year and generates nearly 40,000 jobs. The healthcare sector employs nearly 20,000 people. The City of Ottawa employs over a thousand people and another thirteen thousand people.

Ottawa has been dubbed the Silicon Valley North—a head nod to its southern counterpart in San Francisco, California. Ottawa is home to businesses such as Shopify, Bell Canada, Nortel, IBM, HP (Hewlett-Packard) and more.

Education in Ottawa, Ontario

As one of the most highly educated cities in all of Canada, Ottawa boasts the highest number of college and university graduates in the entire country, with a high concentration of residents who possess a PhD, or are scientists and engineers.

Ottawa is home to several esteemed universities and colleges. The University of Ottawa was Ottawa’s first post-secondary institution established in 1848. It has since grown to become the world’s largest English-French bilingual university.

Founded in 1942, Carleton University was previously erected for World War II veterans before becoming Ontario’s very first private, non-denominational (no connection to any religion) college. Located in Old Ottawa South, Carleton College is now recognized as one of the most highly acclaimed universities in Ottawa as well as Canada.

Algonquin College specializes in applied arts and technology and is located in the College Ward neighbourhood.

Collège La Cité is Ontario’s largest French-language college and was established in 1989.

If you’re raising children, you’ll be interested in elementary schools in Ottawa, or potentially the top private schools in Ottawa. Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OSDSB) is the English-language school board and the largest board in Ottawa with 147 schools. The Catholic English-language school board is run by the Ottawa Catholic School Board with 85 schools. The French-language counterpart is operated under two school boards, Catholic and public. Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est has 49 schools, and Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario has 37. There are a number of top private schools in Ottawa including Ashbury College, Elmwood School, St-Laurent Academy, OMS Montessori and more.

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