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Average Rental Prices

  • Studio $1,129
  • 2 Beds $1,370
  • 3 Beds $1,501
  • 4 Beds $1,360

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  • What is the rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 1-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 2-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a 2-bedroom apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 3-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a 3-bedroom apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

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    The average unit size for the rental apartments in N/A is 0 sq. ft.

Featured Rentals

Rent Edmonton

Thinking of where your next move should be in Alberta? Rent Edmonton. As the second largest city in Alberta, the city is ripe with job opportunities and year-round festivals.

Exploring Edmonton rentals has never been easier with – there are some incredible districts and neighbourhoods within the city that you’re not going to want to miss out on. Whether you prefer the artistic vibes of eastern part of the core, or the serenity of finding an apartment that overlooks the North Saskatchewan River Valley – our extensive list of Edmonton rentals has a home for everyone.

Are you a McEwan University or Northern Alberta Institute of Technology student looking for off-campus student housing in Edmonton? We’ve got you covered. Do you love hockey? Then you’ll thrive in Edmonton – home to the Edmonton Oilers!

Districts in Central Edmonton

Find an apartment for rent in one of the most popular neighbourhoods to live in Downtown Edmonton:
• Arts District and Churchill Square – In the eastern part of the core, this district throws the majority of Edmonton's festivals, such as The Works Art & Design Festival. Find a new apartment in this neighbourhood and you'll live close to the Francis Winspear Centre for Music, the Citadel Theatre, the new Art Gallery of Alberta and the Stanley A. Milner Library.
• Oliver – Find apartments overlooking the North Saskatchewan River Valley in this densely populated residential development and live close to the Royal Glenora Club and the Victoria Golf Course.
• McCauley – A great area for families, live close to Commonwealth Stadium, good schools and parks.
• Queen Mary Park – Find low-rise apartment buildings in this residential neighbourhood.
• Rossdale – Apartments are available to rent in duplexes, row houses and apartment buildings in this neighbourhood. Find easy access to downtown Edmonton and the University of Alberta.
• Cloverdale – This river valley neighbourhood is close to the Muttart Conservatory.
• Jasper Avenue – Look for an apartment on Edmonton's main street. Students can find one bedroom apartments for rent near the University of Alberta's Enterprise Square campus.
• Warehouse District – Find loft apartments and enjoy the lifestyle of being close to  the City Market.

Public Transportation in Edmonton

Get around by using the Edmonton Transit System, which operates the Light Rail Transit (LRT). You'll be near the Edmonton International Airport.

Tips for Renting in Edmonton

On the search for apartments for rent in Edmonton? fondly known as the Oil Capital of Alberta, it is located along the North Saskatchewan River. With a population of over a million people, Edmonton is the fifth largest city in Canada. With 375 individual neighbourhoods divided into several different geographic sectors, there are no shortage of options. There are a few things you should consider before making the move to Edmonton— has the scoop on tips for moving to Edmonton. As one of the sunniest cities in the country, Edmonton possesses a very dry climate that provides excellent health benefits. As a diverse and inclusive city, Edmonton is home to thousands of people with different backgrounds. With numerous cultural events and festivals to experience, those looking for community reminiscent of the places they’ve come from will find it in Edmonton. If you’ve got family on the mind, Edmonton has the best of both worlds—a bustling city with plenty of amenities, as well as quaint bedroom communities and neighbourhoods that provide the ideal environment for raising children. Let’s dive into other renting tips in Edmonton below.

Cost of Living in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmontonians enjoy some of the best quality of life in the entire country—and that includes their cost of living, too. Edmonton is approximately 3.75% less expensive to reside in compared to other major cities in Canada. It is a city with a vast and well-connected Edmonton public transportation system that is made up of buses and light rail trains operated under the Edmonton Transit System. As of the time of writing this, a one-way ride is $3.25. Adults can expect to spend $100/month for a monthly pass. Utilities including heating, cooling, water, and Internet can be expected to cost approximately $350.00 a month. Gas costs continue to fluctuate at any given time depending on the global circumstances. The cost of groceries for renting in Edmonton, Alberta will vary depending on each individual’s dietary, and lifestyle needs. On average, the cost of rent in Edmonton is 44.13% less expensive to live in compared to other cities in the country. Other costs to factor in when it comes to lifestyle in Edmonton include dining out fees. The cost of restaurants in Edmonton can start at approximately $25.00 per outing at an entry-point eatery. For a mid-tier restaurant, diners can anticipate spending $100 for a three-course meal including drinks, appetizers and mains. For gym enthusiasts, the average cost of a gym membership can run you about $50/month, however, Edmontonians can take advantage of the fitness and recreation membership for either a single visit, annual or monthly passes through the City of Edmonton. The average income needed to live in Edmonton is approximately $39,000/year.

Things to do in Edmonton, Alberta

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Edmonton. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, love nature, or want to shop till you drop, there are plenty of major attractions in Edmonton that’ll fit the bill. Edmonton is home to the West Edmonton Mall, the second most visited mall in Canada and the twenty-third largest mall in the entire world. In North America, it ranks as the second largest. There’s plenty to do there outside of shopping including an indoor waterpark and amusement park—with the world’s tallest indoor roller coaster. Love the outdoors? You’ll want to visit Edmonton’s River Valley Parks. Comprising twenty different parks, it has a total of 11 lakes and 22 lakes. Are you a history enthusiast? Another major attraction in Edmonton is the Strathcona Historic District. Made up of five city blocks, you’ll find a plethora of historic buildings including the South Side Post Office, the Princess Theater, Strathcona Hotel and the Canadian Pacific Railway Station.

Employment & Economy in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta has an unparalleled economy. Over the years, it has continued to demonstrate a strong economic uptick post global circumstance. In total, Alberta’s GDP is forecasted to grow 4.9% at the time of writing this. As it stands, the unemployment rate in Edmonton is 4.8%. Edmonton’s economy is primarily driven by the oil and gas industry. As a technology hub, Edmonton is a leader in research and education, too. Its location within the province and the country has made it an ideal spot to operate distribution and logistics for a number of companies. It’s also home to dozens of retail and hospitality businesses. Given its vast retail industry, Edmonton provides plenty of employment opportunities in the retail sector. Beyond the retail industry, employment opportunities can be found in the financial sector with many major financial institutions setting up shop in Edmonton, too. As petrochemical capital, Edmonton is second to Saudi Arabia with oil, gas, and oil sand reserves.

Education in Edmonton, Alberta

If you’re making the move to Edmonton with raising a family in mind, or considering moving to Edmonton for yourself—education will likely be front of mind. There are three separate and publicly funded school boards in Edmonton—the English-speaking public and Catholic school boards and the Francophone school board. Additionally, there are a handful of public charter schools that sit outside of these school boards. Those considering the top private schools in Edmonton can look to Tempo School, Progressive Academy, and the Edmonton Academy just to name a few. There is no shortage of post-secondary school options in Edmonton. Home of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), MacEwan University, King’s University, NorQuest College and Concordia University, there are thousands of students on and around campus at any given time. Many of these schools offer bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, certificates or university transfers, making it a great city with a plethora of education options for you to pursue.

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