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Average Rental Prices

  • Studio $1,742
  • 2 Beds $1,989
  • 3 Beds $2,211
  • 4 Beds $2,395
  • 5 Beds $3,181

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this the latest price and availability in N/A, N/A?

    Prices and availability in N/A were last updated on N/A on the site.

  • What is the rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 1-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a studio apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 2-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a 2-bedroom apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the rental cost for a 3-bedroom apartment in N/A, N/A?

    Monthly rental cost for a 3-bedroom apartment in N/A is between N/A and N/A.

  • What is the average unit size for rental apartments in N/A, N/A?

    The average unit size for the rental apartments in N/A is 0 sq. ft.

Featured Rentals

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Finding a great apartment for rent in Calgary is easy with the assistance of Our interactive map allows you to view Calgary rentals all across the city in just a few easy clicks. View current listings for apartments for rent in Calgary and houses for rent in Calgary and enjoy a variety of activities in and around the city that include festivals, markets, parks and endless shopping and restaurants.

We know apartment hunting is an exciting time, and that’s why we have plenty of great apartments for rent Calgary listed on our website. Our apartments for rent Calgary list is comprised of plenty of unique listings, covering plenty of different neighbourhoods within Calgary. Our apartments for rent section has low-rise and high-rise options, as well as houses for rent. 

But that’s not all! When you use’s apartments for rent  Calgary section, you can specify unit features and utilities included, plus building amenities and ideal proximity to important locations.

Events and Activities in Calgary

Scotiabank Saddledome – Home to the Calgary Flames, the Saddledome is a multi-use indoor arena that hosts hundreds of events and artists throughout the year.

Calgary Stampede – An annual exhibition, rodeo and festival held every July for 9 days.

Calgary Tower – Got a love for heights? Put your love to the test when your start your Calgary adventure 525 feet in the air!

There are some beautiful neighbourhoods to find great Calgary housing. has plenty of Calgary rentals listed on our site. Finding your next apartment rental has never been easier!

Tips for Renting in Calgary, Alberta

Looking for apartments for rent in Calgary? As one of the most popular cities to live in within Canada, you may be looking for tips on renting in Calgary, Alberta—especially if you’re moving from another province or country. The average rental prices in Calgary as of 2022 range from anywhere between $1000/month for a studio to upwards of $3200 a month for a five-bedroom rental. Whether you are looking to rent alone, or split the cost with a roommate, Calgary is a very economical decision. Other tips for moving to Calgary include becoming very familiar with your lease, remaining mindful of any utility costs, and renters’ insurance. While it may also be tempting to take your time choosing a unit, be mindful that the Calgary rental market is heating up so units are leasing fast. has plenty of renting tips to ensure that you make an informed decision when it comes to renting in Calgary, Alberta.

Cost of Living in Calgary, Alberta

The cost of living in Calgary, Alberta is lower than many of Canada’s other cities. Public transportation in Calgary for a one-way ticket $3.60 or alternatively, $112.00 for a monthly pass. Utilities including heating, cooling, water and Internet can expect to cost approximately $300 a month. Gas costs fluctuate at any given time depending on the global circumstances. Cost of groceries for renting in Calgary, Alberta will vary depending on an individual’s dietary and lifestyle needs. On average, Calgary is 3.5% less expensive to live in compared to major Ontario cities, and rent is approximately 32.23% cheaper than Toronto. The cost of restaurants in Calgary ranges between $20.00 at an inexpensive Calgary restaurant, and upwards of $80 for a mid-range Calgary restaurant. The average cost of a Calgary gym membership is $30/month, but those renting in Calgary should budget $40.00/month. The cost of living in Calgary is very economical, making this Canadian city a great place to lay down roots. The minimum average income to live in Calgary is approximately $27,000/year.

Things to do in Calgary, Alberta

Now that you know a few renting tips and have anticipated the cost of living, you’ll want to know all about the fun things to do in Calgary, and the major attractions in Calgary. There isn’t a shortage of fun activities to do and see in the largest western city in Alberta, fondly known as “Cowtown''. Every July, millions of people travel to Stampede Park in Calgary to participate in the world’s largest rodeo—the Calgary Stampede. Hop in a car or take the On-It Transit service and make a day trip out to Banff and Lake Louise, one of the most incredible mountain destinations in the country. Take in the breath-taking city skyline from the Calgary Tower—a 626 ft. freestanding observation tower nestled in the downtown core. Love history? Another fun thing to do in Calgary is visit Heritage Park—a pioneer village with numerous historical buildings that have been reconstructed and interpreters in period wear.

Employment and Economy in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary, Alberta is on the trajectory for another incredibly positive economic boom. Recently, the unemployment rate in Calgary fell from 65.7% to 65.5%. Those seeking employment opportunities in the city may be curious about what industries drive the economy. The economy in Calgary is largely driven by the financial services sectors, transportation, energy, manufacturing, retail and tourism. As of a few years ago, Calgary led as home to the highest number of millionaires per capita of any major city in Canada. It was also ranked as the third most livable city, sharing the spot with Zürich. Calgary, Alberta is known as the capital of Canadian oil and gas. Calgary has a very strong job market, and given the diversification of industries, it remains as one of the fastest growing cities (alongside Edmonton) with job opportunities and economic stability. Numerous corporations and businesses have their headquarters set in Calgary, Alberta.

Education in Calgary, Alberta

Whether you’re pursuing post-secondary education in Calgary or exploring the top elementary schools—you can rest assured that you’ll find quality education opportunities here. With over 221 schools, there are no shortage of K-12 options for parents to choose from for students taught in the English language. Those looking to raise English-French bilingual speakers can look to elementary schools run under The Southern Francophone Education Region No. 4, which is a school board run in Calgary. Those looking to explore the top private schools in Calgary will find a plethora of registered options under the Waldorf, Montessori, gifted and boarding options from elementary to high school. Calgary is also home to some of the most incredible universities in the country. The University of Calgary is a research university and is home to nearly thirty thousand students. Those seeking applied degrees, diplomas or certifications can look to SAIT Polytechnic. Alternatively, if you are looking for a distance education approach that keeps you off campus, Athabasca University is an Alberta favourite.

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