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painting ideas to give your apartment rental a facelift

apartment rental painting ideas

The soft hues of pastels are still hot on the fashion runways and very trendy on the home décor scene. Showing no signs of slowing down, pastels are the perfect way to bring light and personality into your home.

“Today’s pastels act as neutral colours,” says Sharon Grech, a colour and design expert with Benjamin Moore. If you’re looking for the subtle sophistication that neutrals provide, Grech advises “Pastels are the perfect solution since they add a relaxed ambiance to the home. Sweet pastels also offer a welcome change from the traditional neutrals of white and beige.”

Here are a few of the current designer techniques for adding pastels:

monochromatic colours contribute balance
This palette is where one single colour is used in a room, one of varying saturations, tones and tints. It gives balance to a room and creates a peaceful, calming effect that allows the features of your home to be appreciated.

One designer trick to add visual interest is to vary the paint finishes. Try an eggshell finish for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. It adds a subtle glow and depth that helps bring the room to life.

For the hallway, a pearl or semi-gloss finish is a chic choice for brightening a space with reflecting light and making it feel welcoming.

try colour blocking
This technique combines at least two different hues in large blocks or sections on a given surface. While the fashion scene does this well, it is inside the home that ‘colour blocked’ pastel colours really shine. “The most approachable way to apply this technique is to choose colours within the same family,” Grech explains. As pictured, the colour, Mt. Rainer Gray 2129-60, is used on the kitchen walls against Breath of Fresh Air 806 on the hallway walls. Although the differences are subtle, slight variances create a layered effect that adds dimension and gives the kitchen new life.

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