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Average Rental Prices

  • Studio $1,370
  • 2 Beds $1,691
  • 3 Beds $1,877
  • 4 Beds $1,281
  • 5 Beds $2,972
  • 6 Beds + $518

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Rent Halifax apartments, located on the southeast shore of Nova Scotia on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Look for apartment rentals in Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, because it is known for it’s great quality of life.

Attractions, Recreation and Events in Halifax
Rent Halifax apartments and you will see why Halifax is known for its diverse musical and cultural scenes. Be close to a variety of indoor and outdoor fun activities in Halifax rental apartments.

Neptune Theatre – Located in downtown Halifax, Neptune Theatre inspires audiences and is one of the biggest theatres in Atlantic Canada.

Halifax Pop Explosion – This annual autumn festival is a week-long celebration of local and international musicians.

Halifax Jazz Festival – This summer festival exposes residents and visitors to a wide range of international music, including jazz, world, roots, blues, Latin, R&B and more.

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo – Find a taste of true Nova Scotia with this annual indoor show. Families will love the fast-paced scenes that include bagpipes, highland dancers, military traditions and more.

Transportation Halifax
Rental housing in Halifax will be serviced by Metro Transit.

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