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ice cream cake from Marble Slab

The gift of free on your birthday

Your birthday – the one day of the year where it’s all about you, and if you plan your day right, you can eat, drink, and be entertained all day long for free in Winnipeg.

I've outlined what your day could look like, with each location offering up a special birthday treat.


If you're anything like me, going out for breakfast is a battle between ordering something savoury or something sweet. Luckily, Denny's slides in with a Grand Slam breakfast, which is basically four of any breakfast food you want thrown onto a plate. Hate choosing between a whipped cream covered Belgian waffle and perfectly seasoned hash browns? It's your birthday -- get both! No one's judging you.


To stay on the "create your own meal" track, head over to Mongo's for a free stir fry, where you can make the perfect bowl with all your favourite ingredients. Not sure if you like Mongo's? Of course you do, you made it. You suck at cooking, you say? Ask a server for recommendations, and they'll give you a few examples of their favourite recipes that they already know are delicious.


After that carb-overload, get your energy back with a boost of caffeine from Starbucks. If you're anything like me and still have no idea how to navigate the complex menu, then Booster Juice and David's Tea also offers a free drink for your special day.


Hopefully you've been able to digest what's gone down so far, because Tony Roma's is your next stop for a full dinner on them! You're going to need a lot of room for their hefty portions of steak, ribs, and seafood, so wear something stretchy.


Okay, I know, it's been a heavy day. But there's always time for dessert! Indulge in some Marble Slab Creamery with a free scoop on them.


Winnipeg's comedy scene is arguably the city's best-kept secret, with local comedians performing at every other pub, and international names stopping by to bug us about our winters. Lucky for you, Rumours wants you to see them for yourself, with free tickets for you and a few friends to celebrate your birthday with a laugh.

To partake in these great freebies, you'll either be required to produce your ID to verify your date of birth, or be signed up with their mailing lists in advance. But hey, what's a little more clutter to your mailbox? Make sure to visit each location's website to know what the requirements are.

Make sure you look up additional Winnipeg birthday freebies for yourself to make your day as special as you are.

– Christine Ahrens

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