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Make time to give back this summer

Most of us typically give to charities at the end of the year, around the holidays. This year, why not consider splitting your yearly gifts to charity into a mid year and end of year gift?

For starters, it would make budgeting easier by splitting up your gifts in two. It’s also right after tax season, a good time for you to assess your financial status and contribution room. Plus, you’ll reap the emotional benefits of giving twice. Why not add some joy to your summer as well as your winter?

Another thing to consider is that giving in June will help the charities you support forecast their budget before the end of the year. The holiday season is extremely busy at any charity, as it is when most gifts come in. Giving earlier means the charity won’t have to rely on their end of year rush to forecast and budget accordingly.

This way, not only will you benefit from giving earlier, so will the charities you support. An example of this is Amnesty International, a charity that relies on the year-end push for fundraising, as most gifts come through in the final month or two of the year. Amnesty International's human rights work is independent, and the organization does not accept any government funding, so it is funded by people like you.

– News Canada

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