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girl watching Canada Day air show

Canada Day Fun in Winnipeg

The long weekend is coming up and lucky for all of us, Winnipeg does Canada Day up right. While you could just step out your front door and stumble upon something Canada Day related, why not get an idea of what this city has to offer? Whether you're looking for a place for the family hang out, or somewhere to grab drinks with a more mature crowd, Winnipeg has a lot more to offer than just fireworks on July 1.


Behind the community center at one end of Osborne, you'll find a family zone that has bouncy castles, animals, and face painting in a spacious field, making it a safe and comfortable place for children to be. Take a stroll down Osborne, and you'll find food trucks, music, and maybe even a mechanical bull to take for a spin to keep you entertained all day. As the sun sets, the bouncy castles deflate and patios stretch out onto the street to accommodate the crowds pushing their ways in. If you plan on staying on Osborne all night for drinks, it's better to settle on a spot sooner than later to make sure you can find a seat.

The Forks While

The Forks is known for having the biggest and best fireworks show in the city at night, people often forget that they have celebrations running all day long. Back to back performances by Manitoban musicians take the stage with activities running throughout the Forks. The Forks definitely offers the most to do, with plenty of options for food inside and activities outside, but with the biggest shows comes the biggest crowds. Plan to take a bus to leave before midnight or walk to another location to grab a taxi home, as you'll be battling half of Winnipeg to leave after the celebrations.

Assiniboine Park Zoo

For the first time ever, Assiniboine Park will be hosting their own Canada Day celebrations at the park. The park will be family focused, offering an afternoon of entertainment on the Lyric Theatre stage, bouncy castles, food trucks, face painting and more. This option is definitely best for families, with tons of options for kids and none for the party crowd, however if you're planning on wowing your kids with bright and beautiful fireworks, you won't be finding them here.

The Marsh

For an active day spent in Winnipeg's wetlands, the Marsh will have activities running all afternoon. Start your Canada Day celebrations off by taking horse-drawn wagon ride through the marsh while listening to storyteller Allan Webb. Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday without birthday cake, which will be served at 2 p.m. After, join in on a guided canoe ride or rent your own canoe to explore your own path. Assiniboia Downs Celebrate on a budget at Assiniboia Downs. The Downs will be offering free admission and parking on July 1, so you can check out live horse races followed by a firework display without blowing your money on cover charges.

– Christine Ahrens

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