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5 tips to make the most of your summer trip

A vacation is a big investment – from the money it takes to save up for one, to taking time off work, to packing and preparing. Making sure you and your family get the most out of the experience can be stressful, but use these tips to create memories you won’t soon forget.

1. Get creative with problems.

No matter how much planning you do ahead of time, something is bound to go wrong. Instead of letting it ruin your trip, go with the flow and be open to new experiences. Get lost on the way to the museum? Look for hidden gems off the beaten path and try a cute café you’d never discover otherwise.

2. Research before you go.

You don’t want to wait until you get to Paris to figure out how to get to the Louvre, or find out that the Eiffel Tower is closed for renovations. Take some time to plan your itinerary at home and look up addresses, closures and routes for the places you want to check out so you’re not disappointed or wasting time doing this in your hotel room.

3. Leave room in your schedule.

That said, you don’t want a schedule that’s so tightly packed that you don’t have time to stroll through a pretty park or eat at a sit-down restaurant rather than grab a bite from a fast food joint. Talk to locals and add some unexpected spots to your visit for a more authentic and unique time.

4. Create a home away from home.

Whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel or a boathouse, a good night’s sleep can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying yourself the next day. Bring creature comforts to help you get some rest, like your favourite pillow, tea blend or family photo.

5. Use your rewards points.

Stretch your trip budget by paying for attractions or hotels with your rewards points. You can also collect them and start earning rewards for your next vacation. If you’re a member of a hotel rewards program, the Marriott Rewards and SPG Moments sites offer over tons of cool experiences across the country, like Calgary Stampede tickets or Maid of the Mist rides in Niagara Falls.

– News Canada

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