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3 tips to help you transform your vehicle this spring

We tend to use this time to freshen up our homes with spring cleaning, but what about our cars? Our vehicles take the brunt of winter weather, ploughing through snowstorms, hail and harsh salt to get us where we need to go.

“When spring finally arrives, we tend to put some time aside to clean out our homes, but people spend a lot of time in their vehicles too,” says Dustin Woods, associate editor at “Spring cleaning is about more than aesthetics – these tips will help protect your vehicle’s value so you can get the best deal if you decide to resell down the road.”

To help get your vehicle back to pristine form, Woods shares his top tips.

Refresh your tires

Some of us are guilty of not getting our tires changed once the weather warms up, but not doing so can negatively impact their lifespan. Driving with winter tires when the temperature is above 7°C will wear out the tread faster, so changing your tires will save you money in the long run. Once you have your summer tires on, you’ll need to properly store the winter ones. Use soap and water to clean them, then ensure they are completely dry prior to storing.

Scrub the interior

A lot of junk can build up inside your vehicle during the winter months. Salt and moisture are of particular concern since they can damage the interior and ultimately affect the value of your car. To keep your car in its best condition, clear out all debris, vacuum and wipe down surfaces. Take extra time with the floor mats to remove any corrosive salt. Whether you tackle detailing yourself or enlist the help of professionals, a clean vehicle can transform any ride.

Fix it up

With less than ideal driving conditions throughout the winter, it's not uncommon to notice some surface damage come springtime. Now is a great time to fix dents, chips and scratches. The sooner repairs are made, the better. Spring tends to be a rainy season, which means moisture could cause rust that will reduce your vehicle’s value if it’s not taken care of properly.

– News Canada

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