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10 things your mover will not do

10 things your mover will not do

By Chuck Resnick

When you hire a moving company, it is important to understand what services the firm can and cannot provide. At Two Men and a Truck – Canada, we pride ourselves on accommodating our clients in every possible way. But there are some requests that pose problems. There are 10 common issues that most movers won’t do, or are forbidden to do by law.

move containers of fuel or hazardous materials
Gas-powered items such as lawn mowers that are not emptied of fuel cannot be moved by your moving company. This is in accordance with Ontario’s Health and Safety Act and Hazard Materials Act. The law prohibits us from transporting these types of goods.

move live plants
Many movers, including our company, have their own guidelines about this. Securing plants takes a level of special treatment that we are not prepared to offer. If customers need advice on how to move plants, we can help them find companies that are equipped to do so. In our experience, most customers move plants themselves.

move items larger than we have the ability to do
When we see items that are too big and bulky for us to handle, we will let you know. Upright pianos, for example, are incredibly heavy and usually require heavy-duty dollies and a truck with a lift gate. We can definitely help you with any size of piano. Massive wall units can also present challenges. We can help you find the right firm to move those specialty items, if required.

move personal valuables
It makes sense that small valuables like jewelry, stocks, bonds and cash are items you should transport yourself.

moving animals
Moving animals takes special care, and movers are not willing to take responsibility for pets during a move. You are best to arrange for them to be somewhere else on moving day, and then ease them into their new surroundings yourself.

provide insurance coverage for all items
Ontario’s Conditions of Carriage requires movers to insure items at least 60 cents per pound. If our coverage does not include antiques or works of art, we can arrange it through our Insurer as long as these items are itemized upfront. Your homeowner insurance policy may also have a rider for goods in transit.

rearrange your furniture
Sometimes people ask us to rearrange their furniture at their destination, which adds to the time estimated for your move. We are happy to provide you with this service.

install major appliances
We are neither plumbers nor electricians. If you require installation of your major appliances, arrange to have those professionals help you during your moving week.

stop the clock because of a change on your end
We get paid from the time we leave our facility until the time we return. If you change the parameters of your contract or something unexpected happens on your end to cause a delay, the move continues on as planned but will likely extend longer than your estimate.

load pre-packed boxes, items into a storage pod
We do not do “load only moves.” If someone else is driving the vehicle and the goods are not under our control, we can’t take responsibility for the condition of the goods at their final destination.

All of the above help ensure that your possessions arrive at the other end in one piece, with the safety of you, your family and the movers in mind.

And, that’s our job!

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— Chuck Resnick is vice-president, marketing and operations at Two Men and A Truck – Canada®.

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