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Situated northwest of Vancouver, West Vancouver is located North of the English Bay on the coast of British Columbia. Find West Vancouver apartments for rent if you prefer to live in the “North Shore,” but would still like incredible access to central Vancouver and all of its amazing amenities. You’ll find the residential community of West Vancouver in British Columbia is only a short commute away from the core of Vancouver.

Arts, Culture and Attractions in West Vancouver
• West Vancouver Museum – If you’re thinking about renting in West Vancouver because of it’s great Arts and Culture programs, then you’ve probably already heard about the West Vancouver Museum. Featuring beautiful exhibitions, this museum also hosts great event programs for children and adults that are both informative and fun.

West Vancouver Memorial Library – Having a library of this magnitude around the corner from your apartment rental in West Vancouver will only ensure the development of learning in your community.

Parks, Sports and Recreation in West Vancouver
Like the rest of Vancouver, people love to swim, cycle walk and run through the parks in West Vancouver. If you are looking for a rental property in West Vancouver, you are sure to find a lot more than a place to sleep with all the programs that are offered to residents.

John Lawson Park – Children will especially love this park for it’s playground, but adults will be won over by the incredible waterfront view.

Sports Clubs – If you have active children you’ll be relieved at the amount of sports clubs available to children in West Vancouver. There really is something to suit all interests.

Public Transportation in West Vancouver
Operating under TransLink, West Vancouver is served by the Blue Bus. You’re only a short commute away from Vancouver, and a transfer between the Blue Bus and other modes of Vancouver public transit is quick and easy.

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