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Located in Southwestern Ontario, Tillsonburg is a nice town to find apartments for rent. Tillsonburg is a part of Oxford County and is about 50 km southeast of London, Ontario. Look for a rental property in Tillsonburg if you enjoy a rural lifestyle.

Recreation and Attractions in Tillsonburg
Find an apartment or townhome to rent in Tillsonburg and you will be surrounded by great family activities.
Lake Lisgar Waterpark – Located at the Tillsonburg Community Centre, the Lake Lisgar Waterpark features a giant twister waterslide and is a great place to host birthday parties.
Tillsonburg Community Centre – The Tillsonburg Community Centre offers a variety of programs for children including swimming lessons and public skating.
Participark – One of the many parks with great trails, you may access the Trans Canada Trail at Participark.
Annandale House – This National Historic Museum is a beautiful Victorian house known for it’s incredibly detailed interior.

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