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St. Paul, Albertawikipedia

Drive two-and-a-half hours east of Edmonton and arrive in St. Paul, Alberta – a town that is out of this world. Choose one of St. Paul’s apartment rentals and experience the town’s unique vibe and natural beauty.

Things to do in St. Paul, Alberta
Residents of St. Paul’s apartment rentals enjoy a number of great things to do in the town:

UFO Landing Pad – earth’s first UFO landing pad cropped up in St. Paul in 1967, in an effort to attract more tourists and Martians to the town. Since that time, the space has evolved to include a UFO exhibit, featuring actual photographs of UFOs, crop circles and cattle mutilations.

St. Paul People’s Museum – this recently renovated space serves as a time portal through the history of St. Paul and its surrounding areas.

City events, walking trails and more. Visit the town’s website for a full list of great events.



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