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Okotoks wikipedia

Located south of Calgary, Okotoks is established on the Sheep River and is a vibrant community to find apartment rentals.

Recreation and Sport in Okotoks
Find apartments or homes to rent in Okotoks and you'll be pleased at how this friendly community makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Okotoks Recreation Centre – From a fitness centre, to community pools, to indoor arenas – this facility is sure to be a big part of your life when you find a rental property in Okotoks.
Okotoks Skate Park – This park is a wonderful place for youth to socialize and work on mastering their skills on a skateboard.
Pathway System – Walk, bike or run on the extensive pathway system.

Arts & Culture in Okotoks
Okotoks Art Gallery – This art gallery helps foster a vibrant arts community in Okotoks.
Culture Programs – There are a variety of family, adult and education programs to participate in.

Commute to Calgary from Okotoks
Rent a home in Okotoks and enjoy an easy commute to Calgary. Find someone to carpool with or take the Southland Commuter Bus.


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