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Situated on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, Montréal is located about 200 kilometres east of Ottawa. Find Montréal apartment rentals if you want to live in an urbanized Canadian city with lots of diversity. Find Montréal apartments to rent if you are looking to live in southwest Quebec.

Culture, Sports and Attractions in Montréal
Live in Montréal and you’ll be close to plenty of fun things to do. Whether you’re catching an exciting hockey game or going on a shopping excursion, find bachelor or one bedroom apartments for rent in Montréal and you’ll never want to move.
Montréal Canadiens – Find apartment rentals near the Bell Centre and you’ll be able to catch every one of this NHL team’s home games.
Saint Catherine Street – There’s a reason people visit Montréal just to go shopping. Just spend a couple hours on this well-known street and you’ll definitely put a dent in your wallet. Find student apartments for rent near Saint Catherine Street as it is close to Concordia University.
Notre Dame Basilica – Whether you are religious or not, this gothic church has beautiful details and features that would put anyone in awe.
Jean Talon Market – Find an apartment for rent near Jean Talon Market and you’ll never run out of fresh, local food as this market is open seven days a week.

Neighbourhoods in Montréal
If you are looking for a rental property in Montréal, you are sure to look in one of the following neighbourhoods.
Old Montréal – This area of Montréal is a beautiful feature of the city and host to many attractions. Apartments in Old Montréal will be close to the Montréal Science Centre.
Mount Royal – Located West of downtown Montréal, Mount Royal is a hill in Montréal with many apartment rentals. Close to the beautiful Parc du Mount Royal, great activities in the winter include use of the cross-country and snowshoe ski trails. Find student apartment rentals in the Mount Royal neighbourhood as it is close to McGill University.

Public Transportation in Montréal
Montréal Metro – Operated under Société de transport de Montréal, the public transportation in Montréal has an extensive network of busses, subways and trains to help renters in Montréal commute across the vast city.
Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport – This international airport can connect you with flights both domestically and internationally.