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Find British Columbia house rentals in Kamloops located in south-central British Columbia and approximately 350 kilometres north east of Vancouver.

Recreation, Arts and Attractions in Kamloops
Find Kamloops rental apartments and you’ll be able to enjoy the vibrant public art of this unique city. Art is so big in Kamloops that you don’t need to visit a gallery to enjoy it, you may simply walk down the street to see beautiful works by talented people.

Western Canada Theatre – This phenomenal theatre company strives to enrich the lives of those living and renting in Kamloops, and does so by producing a number of thought-provoking and entertaining plays throughout the year.

British Columbia Wildlife Park – This zoo is a great facility for children to learn about ecosystems, but adults will also have an enjoyable experience.

Recreational Facilities – A wide variety of rec centres and parks around the city allow you to stay active and participate in sports.

Transportation in Kamloops
Kamloops Transit System – Stay connected to your apartment for rent with this local bus system.

Kamloops Airport – Stay connected to other major cities in Canada including Vancouver and Calgary.



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