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Fort St. John
– The Energetic Citywikipedia

Situated in northeast British Columbia, Fort St. John is a part of the Peace River Regional District and is located less than ten kilometres southeast of Charlie Lake. Search for an apartment or home to rent in Fort St. John if you enjoy outdoor activities all year long.

Culture, Sports and Events in Fort St. John
Move to Fort St. John and you’ll see just how much residents love their sports – especially during the winter. There are enough facilities to host every kind of winter sport you can think of, and even some that you wouldn’t think of.

Centennial Park – This is the park that has it all. Aside from it’s great hiking trails and gardens, Centennial Park is where many Fort St. John sports facilities are located. This includes an outdoor water park, a speed-skating oval and the North Peace Arena.

Pomeroy Sport Centre – This three-story recreational facility is state-of-the-art and features great areas for skating, hockey, events, tradeshows and more. Find rentals in Fort St. John and this will surely be the centre of your recreational routine.

Peace Gallery North – This is the centre of the arts and cultural community in Fort St. John and hosts hundreds of events throughout the year.

High on Ice Winter Festival – This annual winter festival features everything from ice-carving competitions to toboggan races.



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