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This borough of Montreal is located only about 20 kilometres away from the downtown core of the city. Situated near the Riviere-des-Prairies, find apartments for rent in Saint-Laurent if you want to live close to the urban amenities of Montreal.

Activities and Recreation in Saint-Laurent
If you are looking for an apartment rental in Saint-Laurent, you will be close to many cultural and recreational facilities.

Musée des maîtres et artisans – This museum of the creativity of Quebec’s masters and artisans from the past to present features a variety of exhibits, events and educational programs.

Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park – Located right near the river, this enchanted park is a majestic hardwood forest that is home to a large ecosystem. Step away from the urban landscape and immerse yourself in this wonderful park.

Aréna Raymond-Bourque – This is just one of local places to play hockey if you find a home to rent in Saint-Laurent.

Apartments for Rent Ville Saint-Laurent, QC

  • 1•2 bedrooms

    From $745/month
    High-Rise Apartment
    335 Deguire Boulevard,
    4Rent ID: 4R3920

  • 1•2•3•Studio/Bachelor bedrooms

    From $699/month
    High-Rise Apartment
    50 Quintin, suite 111,
    Ville Saint-Laurent
    4Rent ID: 4R4898

  • 1•2 bedrooms

    From $675/month
    High-Rise Apartment
    155 Deguire Boulevard,
    4Rent ID: 4R3921

  • 1•2 bedrooms

    From $749/month
    990 St Francois Xavier,
    Globe Property Mgmt.
    4Rent ID: 4R8334

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