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Northview Apartment REIT

Northview Apartment REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) manages a diverse portfolio of apartment rentals across Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Apartment seekers in these parts of Canada can choose from a wide selection of apartments for rent, built with their needs in mind. Whether they are seeking furnished or unfurnished apartment rentals; townhouse or traditional style homes; bachelor, one-, two-, three- or four-bedroom apartments for rent; or flexible lease terms, Northview Apartment REIT offers renters something to match their needs.

Apartments for Rent Northview Apartment REIT St. Catharines, ON

  • 1•2 bedrooms

    From $950/month
    Low-Rise Apartment
    37 Rykert St.,
    St. Catharines
    Northview Apartment REIT
    4Rent ID: 4R3184

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